A modern productive technology structured in a modern plant layout allows us to satisfy every necessity of our clients.

Our last-generation machines complement with robots and other peripheral systems which makes us capable to maintain a continuous and 100% controlled production process. The material supply system is automatic to obtain an effective control of the level of materials in the machine, and that’s the way to assure the quality of the final product.

We have a range of tonnage between 35 and 650 T, which allows us to produce pieces of every size. We also have five bi-injection machines by rotary plate, so we can make products of two materials in a unique injection. Thanks to the continuous automation of the processes we have integrated the assembly and the finish during the injection process, and we can reduce the production time and its costs.

- 14 injection machines (35 T to 650 T)

- 5 bi-injection machines (120 T to 650 T), 2 of which by rotary plate

- Automatic robot processing

- Dehumidifier

- Ultrasound soulding

- Accelerated ehumidifier system

- Temperature stabilitzation system of the product

- Serigraphy printing



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