Being global leaders thanks to our knowledge in developing new projects, providing the most appropriate solutions through innovative plastic processes and with the best added value.


To design, make and serve plastic products with a high added value which provide efficient and innovative solutions to our customers, no matter what sector or market they belong to, with the best experience, the highest knowledge and the highest technology, flexibility, quality and speed in serving, surrounded by the continuous progress of everybody who works with us.



1. Promote investigation, development and innovation.

2. Add value to our customers, and be capable to foresee their necessities in matters of innovation, quality, service and price.

3. Manage the knowledge of new markets and sectors. Internationalization and diversification.

4. Foster permanent progress to maximize the profitability of our assets.

5. Optimize the comunication and the relationship with our customers.

6. Encourage the relationships and the cooperation with our suppliers to achieve new objectives.

7. Manage the knowledge of our employees. Attract and keep the new talents.

8. Mantain the dictates related to social corporative responsibility: active and voluntarily contribution to social, economic and ambiental improvement.


Dynamism, responsibility, innovation, viability, enterpreneurship, flexibility and sustainability are the key principles that define us and on which we build our company.

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